`LONG WEEKEND` in Woodstock/Rockstars club!
Friday 28.04.
Mad Hard Ride Promotions, Alterfashion & rockclub Rockstar’s bring to you ska punk vibes from Russia and hard kickin’ rock’n’roll from Estonia. GOOD TIMES from Saint Petersburg comes with pipes and drums and „let’s rise some hell“ attitude. Dingo’s guitarist’s Rein Rebane’s solo project G.I.F.T. plays you melodic rock with all the famous people in Estonia put into one band! Let’s party!
Start: 20.00/ 5/7.- eur

Saturday 29.04.
Wings Of Butterfly`
– Women special gig!
Sulferdust/Red Cricket’s/Scarlet/Worn Öut
Start: 20.00/5/7.- eur

Neljudi (6th Anniversary) + Sound Religion (Riga), Ferrum (80's legend comeback) + Un-Real + Soulout + Like'n'Share – All together 6 punk and rockin’ bands and room full of beutiful witches!
Start. 20.00 / 5/7.- eur

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`LONG WEEKEND` in Woodstock/Rockstars club!

Friday 28.04.
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