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13-03-2015 VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC (AUT) / Baalsebub / Cunt Carnage

Reede, 13.3.2015
klubi Woodstock/Rockstar´s

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Rock 2=3!
Algus: 20:00
Hind: 5 EUR / 7 EUR

26-03-2015 Tallinn Music Week 2015: Creeping 13 presents: Of Roots Genes And Stolen Meanings / Sunnata (POL) / New Waters (FIN) / Lähdon aika (FIN) / Horror Dance Squad / Weekends At Eden

Neljapäev, 26.3.2015
klubi Woodstock/Rockstar´s


Young, cynical, low, caustic, angry, diverse, neurotic, gripping, ironic, implacable, chaotic, down to Earth, from the streets of Tartu.
One: Life to Learn (2012) Two: Places to Call Home (2014)

sunnata (POL)
SUNNATA (sanskrit, noun for ‘voidness’, ‘emptiness’) is a soundscape, where noise crossfade clearness – where walls of fuzz, delay and reverb confront the monolith of absolute silence. It emerged in 2008 within rising underground of warsaw stoner rock and doom scene. Since then, SUNNATA (ex-Satellite Beaver) proved it’s quality at numerous live performances at various stoner/doom/psychedelic festivals, e.g. Desertfest Berlin (Germany), Psy High (Czech Republic) Days Of The Ceremony (Poland) or Robustfest (Ukraine) and been chosen to share stage at club shows with most remarkable doom and sludge acts like CONAN, KYLESA or SUMA, just to name a few. Their latest, fourth and long-awaited release entitled ‘Climbing the colossus’ has gained notable feedback from UK’s finest ‘Terrorizer Magazine’ and many other printed and online journals. SUNNATA is now focused on writing new material and promoting self-released vinyl edition of their latest album, which is an exploration of impermanent nature of sound, full of rapid changes and distortion overdose. Open your mind and experience it. Let there be noise.

New Waters (FIN)
New Waters have been creating their experimental fuse of metal, rock and hardcore since 2010. The Jyväskylä based band is known for their unpredictable live performances and unmatched intensity. New Waters released their debut album, "Venture", last year.

Lähdön Aika was formed in Hyvinkää, Finland, during summer 2003. Such intense and merciless was the scorching sun that it left its still-visible mark in the quartet's slow, intense and heavy approach to sludge/metal infested hardcore. That is, as we may demise at any moment what would be a better way to toast every passing moment than repeatedly hitting your sweaty forehead to an imposing brick wall? Discography consists of one full lenght, 2 eps and 4 splits. New album titled II willl be released on vinyl in February 2015

6-piece band from Tallinn, Estonia. Our music can be described as sizzling rhythms of a new beat mixed delicately into a bubbling porridge of puzzle, which gives a blend of delightful, delicious promiscuity

5 average guys who share a passion for heavy music. Have been active in estonian metal scene for over 8 years already and are broadening their sound with a new project. Trying to bring more color to the scene with a strong message and powerful sounds.

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Tallinn Muisc Week 2015:

Piletid eelmüügist Piletilevist 5 Eurot, kohapeal 7 Eurot.
Tickets presale at Piletilevi 5 Euro, at the door 7 Euros.

Algus: 19:00
Hind: 5 EUR / 7 EUR

27-03-2015 Tallinn Muisc Week 2015: Estonian Thrash Metal Club presents: Lost society (FIN) / Aghor (EST) / Thrashless / Unaesthetic (ARM) / Nuclera Omnicide (FIN) / Wyrm Sub Terra

Reede, 27.3.2015
klubi Woodstock/Rockstar´s


Founded in early 2010 in Jyväskylä by Thrash/Speed Metal enthusiast Samy Elbanna, the frontman gathered an ensemble of passionate allies to establish a band that would soon be known as Scandinavia’s most energetic start-up export. After numerous gigs in every nook and corner of their home country, bringing them great feedback for their extraordinarily strong stage presence, LOST SOCIETY decided to take part in the world-renowned GBOB (Global Battle Of the Bands). After they had won the preliminary decision round in their hometown, they were invited to their country’s finals held in Helsinki, where they prevailed against 13 contesters and eventually came off victorious. The contest peaked in an amazing performance at the big GBOB world finals event in London on December 9, 2012 that brought LOST SOCIETY great awareness and respect far over and above the Finnish borders.

Gates (Loits, Sorts, Põhjast) decided to revive the music of his teenage years under the name of Aghor in 2013, when he assembled the singer Alar (Connatural Terror), drummer Rain (Bestia) and the bassist Mantas (Loits, Sorts). Both Gates and Mantas, inspired by the first wave of Estonian death metal, started their music career in 1991 with bands such as Spawngrip and Conspiratio Contra Christianum. In a couple of years, Aghor has given over 20 gigs. Besides a demo called the Awe! Demo(n) and some tracks on compilations, Aghor has released a full-lengh called Necrolivonica, which is a bow to 90’s death metal megaliths. Necrolivonica was released by Offense Records.

Thrashless started writing and rehearsing material in 2012 and entered the studio to record their first album "Awaiting Rebirth"(2012). The album was promoted by playing gigs and touring, leading Thrashless to Finland, Georgia and Armenia and got them a slot to support Finnish thrash metal legends Stone. The energetic music quickly got Thrashless a loyal following. New material was written and in the summer of 2013 Thrashless once more entered the studio to record their second album "Trip Of Death". Again it was time to hit the road and this time Thrashless toured Latvia, Romania and Moldova among other countries. 2014 arrived and Thrashless once more abused Roundsound studio to record their most intricate and varied work to date titled "Cult Of Fear". Come see us live and join the cult!

Unaesthetic are a new groove/industrial metal band coming from Armenia. Being a side project of Daeron, a symphonic post metal band with the same line-up, Unaesthetic are exploring a more cinematic approach to songwriting, pairing somber moods with groovy riffs and catchy choruses.

Nuclear Omnicide is a hard hitting bunch of crazy thrashers, originating from Kirkkonummi in Finland. Ever since 2010, Nuclear Omnicide has been mixing thrash with just the right amount of death and punk influences to create some kind of a hybrid deathrashcrossover assault. The band has released 2 EPs and one full-lenght debut album which have been welcomed to the Finnish metal scene with great response. This ferocious aggressive slaughter is sure to give you a refreshing sonical kick in the nuts! So if you enjoy blistering fast riffs, and pounding drums, Nuclear Omnicide's energetic live show might just be what you need. So we expect to see you in the pit having a great time!

Wyrm Sub Terra is an Estonian thrash metal triumvirate, a heavy-handed sonic expression of men with old-school experience and an uncompromising attitude that manages to sound fresh and original while staying true to the spirit of the 1980s-era extreme metal. Wyrm Sub Terra is like a covert serpentine force of nature awakening after aeons of slumber, raising its ancient head to the quaking of continents.

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Tallinn Muisc Week 2015:

Piletid eelmüügist Piletilevist 7 Eurot, kohapeal 10 Eurot.
Tickets presale at Piletilevi 7 Euro, at the door 10 Euros.

Algus: 19:00
Hind: 7 EUR / 10 EUR

28-03-2015 Tallinn Music Week 2015: World Clinic presents: St. Cheatersburg / The sexican (DK) / Mang Ont / De Underjordiske (DK) / Maxtraktor / Domovoyd (FIN)

Laupäev, 28.3.2015
klubi Woodstock/Rockstar´s


Uksed avatud / doors open: 19.00

St. Cheatersburg is a punk band, formed in Tallinn, 2013. Alongside with punk, their music incorporates elements of post punk and psychedelic rock. In other words, St. Cheatersburg's ideology emerges from the nihilism of the late 70's, the darkness from the early 80's and the psychedelic revival of the 90's.

The Sexican invites to a mad sonic melting pot of ethnic and modern influences. The musical offspring is World Rock with elements of Mariachi, Gipsy and Balkan tonality. A Global fusion served with an energy that is truly contagius. The lyrics are sharp and often with critical views on modern society and the lack of international commu- nity, while there’s room for celebration and the ‘joie de vivre’- joy of life. The latter is especially noticeable at their explosive live-shows. It is no coincidence that ‘energy’ is the word repeated through every single live review writ- ten on the band in its seven years of existence. They are known for their infectious energy on stage, which induces spontaneous chain dances among audiences.

22:00 MANG ONT
Mang Ont is a Tartu-based Estonian stoner doom metal band formed in 2012 by four members. For now, the band has became an instrumental trio characterized by heavy, massive and slow riffs mixed with psychedelic drone synths and noises.

De Underjordiske which literally means 'The Underearthlings' or 'The ones that live under the ground' is a Danish quintet based in Copenhagen. Fronted by charismatic lead-singer Peter Kure, they offer something as rare as the sound of the Danish language in wonderful unity with the dreamy and twanging guitars played by the two brothers Kristian and Andreas Bengtsen. The hypnotizing mixture made up by the rough and crackling voice, the scandinavian words and the otherworldly guitar sounds has the ability to bring the listener into a trance-like state of mind. The songs are swinging up and down between light and catchy uptempo tracks, epic heavy melodies and the magic of repetition. Some might call it psychedelic, some just plain rock. But one thing is for sure. It's catchy as hell.


Maxtraktor came together in the fall of 2011. In this period of time, the group has released their debut album Boom and the Black Box and performed at many great festivals in Estonia, including Rabarock and Õllesummer. Right now they are working on new vinyl EP and will release a single with a video anytime soon, for a sneak-peek of what's coming. New material is definitely full of new life due to minor changes in membership.

The machine itself is heavy-breathing but well tuned and oiled to also reveal the melodic buzz and harmony in the music. The "desert" tones in Maxtraktor's music could be explained by the fact that two men from Tallinn and two men from Tartu are regularly meeting halfway, in the heart of Estonia, the city called Paide. The "neutral zone" isolates them from daily routines, allowing to unearth their inner senses and concentrate only on their music. Just like in the desert.

Detonated in the year 2010, Domovoyd has risen to the forefront of the Finnish Underground. Masters of dark, hypnotic, sprawling hazed-out doom, their music is a flaming celebration of the psychedelic arts from the temples of Hawkwind to Matt Pike's altar of the riff. Electrifying audiences with their unique, heavy dose of rhythmic sludge, Domovoyd is a band that drone heads and doom freaks cannot afford to miss. Swilling the world about in their mouths and spitting it through a cosmic spiral, Domovoyd know how to traverse time and space, and have the necessary intoxicating ingredients to take you there. Saddle up your space rocket and say goodbye to your sensibilities, as Domovoyd, smoking long dead galaxies in their wake, blast you into the furthest reaches of beyond.

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World Clinic Agency & Management:

Tallinn Muisc Week 2015:

Piletid eelmüügist Piletilevist 7 Eurot, kohapeal 10 Eurot.
Tickets presale at Piletilevi 7 Euro, at the door 10 Euros.

Algus: 19:00
Hind: 7 EUR / 10 EUR

03-04-2015 Kypck (FIN) / Talbot

Reede, 3.3..2015
klubi Woodstock/Rock star´s



3. aprillil 2015 astub Tallinnas rockiklubis Woodstock/Rockstar`s üles teistkordselt Eestis viibiv maailma üks omanäolisemaid doom metal bände KYPCK Soomest.

Kypck Headquarters (sludge/doom, FIN)

Talbot (sludge/experimental)

Piletid: eelmüügist alates 23.1. Woodstocki (Tatari 6) baariletist ja kauplusest Stanford Music (Raua 1) 12 EUR,
hiljem 15/18 EUR.

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Rock 2=3!
Algus: 21:00
Hind: 12 EUR / 15 EUR / 18 EUR

04-04-2015 Vuolla (FIN) / Teardown (FIN) / Feverheat

Laupäev, 4.4.2015
klubi Woodstock/Rockstar´s




Pilet: esimene tund 5 EUR, edasi 7 EUR
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Rock 2=3!

Algus: 21:00
Hind: 5 EUR / 7 EUR

10-04-2015 Beats From The Vault

Reede, 10.4.2015
klubi Woodstock/Rockstar´s

|| Dark-Electro || EBM || Industrial || Futurepop || Techno || Rhythmic Noise || Electro || Synthpop || Gothic ||


Pilet: liikmekaardiga 3,50 EUR / flaieriga 5 EUR / ilma 6,50 EUR

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Rock 2=3!
Algus: 22:00
Hind: 3,5 EUR / 5 EUR / 6 EUR

03-05-2015 Dirge (FR) / Odota

Pühapäev, 3.5.2015
klubi Woodstok/Rockstar´s

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Rock 2=3!
Algus: 20:00
Hind: Info tulekul
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