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28-03-2015 Tallinn Music Week 2015: World Clinic presents: St. Cheatersburg / The sexican (DK) / Mang Ont / De Underjordiske (DK) / Maxtraktor / Domovoyd (FIN)

Laupäev, 28.3.2015
klubi Woodstock/Rockstar´s


Uksed avatud / doors open: 19.00

St. Cheatersburg is a punk band, formed in Tallinn, 2013. Alongside with punk, their music incorporates elements of post punk and psychedelic rock. In other words, St. Cheatersburg's ideology emerges from the nihilism of the late 70's, the darkness from the early 80's and the psychedelic revival of the 90's.

The Sexican invites to a mad sonic melting pot of ethnic and modern influences. The musical offspring is World Rock with elements of Mariachi, Gipsy and Balkan tonality. A Global fusion served with an energy that is truly contagius. The lyrics are sharp and often with critical views on modern society and the lack of international commu- nity, while there’s room for celebration and the ‘joie de vivre’- joy of life. The latter is especially noticeable at their explosive live-shows. It is no coincidence that ‘energy’ is the word repeated through every single live review writ- ten on the band in its seven years of existence. They are known for their infectious energy on stage, which induces spontaneous chain dances among audiences.

22:00 MANG ONT
Mang Ont is a Tartu-based Estonian stoner doom metal band formed in 2012 by four members. For now, the band has became an instrumental trio characterized by heavy, massive and slow riffs mixed with psychedelic drone synths and noises.

De Underjordiske which literally means 'The Underearthlings' or 'The ones that live under the ground' is a Danish quintet based in Copenhagen. Fronted by charismatic lead-singer Peter Kure, they offer something as rare as the sound of the Danish language in wonderful unity with the dreamy and twanging guitars played by the two brothers Kristian and Andreas Bengtsen. The hypnotizing mixture made up by the rough and crackling voice, the scandinavian words and the otherworldly guitar sounds has the ability to bring the listener into a trance-like state of mind. The songs are swinging up and down between light and catchy uptempo tracks, epic heavy melodies and the magic of repetition. Some might call it psychedelic, some just plain rock. But one thing is for sure. It's catchy as hell.


Maxtraktor came together in the fall of 2011. In this period of time, the group has released their debut album Boom and the Black Box and performed at many great festivals in Estonia, including Rabarock and Õllesummer. Right now they are working on new vinyl EP and will release a single with a video anytime soon, for a sneak-peek of what's coming. New material is definitely full of new life due to minor changes in membership.

The machine itself is heavy-breathing but well tuned and oiled to also reveal the melodic buzz and harmony in the music. The "desert" tones in Maxtraktor's music could be explained by the fact that two men from Tallinn and two men from Tartu are regularly meeting halfway, in the heart of Estonia, the city called Paide. The "neutral zone" isolates them from daily routines, allowing to unearth their inner senses and concentrate only on their music. Just like in the desert.

Detonated in the year 2010, Domovoyd has risen to the forefront of the Finnish Underground. Masters of dark, hypnotic, sprawling hazed-out doom, their music is a flaming celebration of the psychedelic arts from the temples of Hawkwind to Matt Pike's altar of the riff. Electrifying audiences with their unique, heavy dose of rhythmic sludge, Domovoyd is a band that drone heads and doom freaks cannot afford to miss. Swilling the world about in their mouths and spitting it through a cosmic spiral, Domovoyd know how to traverse time and space, and have the necessary intoxicating ingredients to take you there. Saddle up your space rocket and say goodbye to your sensibilities, as Domovoyd, smoking long dead galaxies in their wake, blast you into the furthest reaches of beyond.

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Tallinn Music Week 2015:

Piletid eelmüügist Piletilevist 7 Eurot, kohapeal 10 Eurot.
Tickets presale at Piletilevi 7 Euro, at the door 10 Euros.

Algus: 19:00
Hind: 7 EUR / 10 EUR

03-04-2015 Kypck (FIN) / Talbot / Liblikas

Reede, 3.3..2015
klubi Woodstock/Rock star´s




Lootuse hukk – vene keelne Soome doom metal bänd Kypck vallutab Woodstock/Rockstar´si

3. aprillil astub Tallinnas rockiklubis Woodstock/Rockstar´s üles teistkordselt Eestis viibiv maailma üks omanäolisemaid doom metal bände Kypck Soomest. Bändi kontserdi erikülalisteks on Talbot ja Liblikas.

Kypcki muuusika ammutab jõudu lõpmatust tugevusest ja nukrusest.

Kuidas kõlab lõpmatu pime öö? Külm ja vinge tuul? Hirm enne seda kui koputatakse uksele? Lootuste ja plaanide hukk? Just nendele küsimustele annab nende looming vastuse. Bändi muusika kõlab nagu halastamatu masin, mis liigub kogu aeg otse nägemata ühtki takistust. Võimsad ja rasked kitarrisoundid, pikad kitarrisoolod, rebenenud vokaal ja äärmine emotsionaalsus ei jäta ükskõikseks ühtegi kuulajat.

Kypck loodi 2007. aastal koostöös Soome tuntud produtsendi Hiili Hiilesmaaga, kes mängis ka bändis trumme. Praegu teeb Hiilesmaa edasi koostööd bändidega nagu HIM, Apocalyptica, ja Moonspell.
Bändi omanäoline sound on endiste Sentencedi kitarristide S. S. Lopakka ja S. Kukkohovi koostöö resultaat, milles pimedad ja nukrad nüansid ühinevad raskete doom metal elementidega.

Bändi debüütalbum Cherno ilmus 2008. aastal ning peatselt sõlmiti leping maailma ühe suurima metal plaadifirmaga Century Media. Eelmisel aastal ilmus bändi kolmas album Imena na Stene, mis on seni bändi kõige raskeima ja tumedaima kõlaga.

Kypcki olemus ja muusika on väga aktuaalne siiamaani - bänd Soomest, lauldakse vene keeles, bändi bassist mängib vaid ühel keelel ja kitarristi pill on Kalashnikovi kujuga. Lisaks müstiline lüürika, mis räägib traagilistest momentidest maailma ajaloos.

Kypcki konsterdi juhatavad sisse psühhedeel/sludge/eksperimentaal-kollektiivid Talbot ja Liblikas.

Uksed üritusele klubis Woodstock/Rockstar´s (Tatari 6, Tallinn) avatakse reedel, 3. aprillill, kell 20.00.

Piletid on eelmüügis kaupluses Stanford Music (Raua 1, Tallinn), Woodstocki baariletis (Tatari 6, Tallinn) ja Stanford Musicus (Võru 30B, Tartu). Ukselt maksavad piletid 18 Eurot.

Piletid on eelmüügis saadaval ka Peppertixi leheküljel


Üritus Facebookis:




Imya Na Stene:



Rock 2=3!
Algus: 21:00
Hind: 12 EUR / 15 EUR / 18 EUR

04-04-2015 Vuolla (FIN) / Teardown (FIN) / Feverheat

Laupäev, 4.4.2015
klubi Woodstock/Rockstar´s




Pilet: esimene tund 5 EUR, edasi 7 EUR
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Rock 2=3!

Algus: 21:00
Hind: 5 EUR / 7 EUR

05-04-2015 Spring Break From Space: Boar (FIN) / Deep Space Destructors (FIN) / Tuliterä (FIN)

Pühapäev, 5.4.2015
klubi Woodstock/Rockstar´s

Kolme bändiga kosmosekaravan tuuritab läbi Soome ja Läti Tallinnasse. Ava oma tajude maailm ja ühine avara kosmose-hullusega!

Lisainfot peatselt!

Üritus on ilma vanusepiiranguta!

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Rock 2=3!
Algus: 18:00
Hind: 5 EUR

10-04-2015 Beats From The Vault

Reede, 10.4.2015
klubi Woodstock/Rockstar´s

|| Dark-Electro || EBM || Industrial || Futurepop || Techno || Rhythmic Noise || Electro || Synthpop || Gothic ||


Pilet: liikmekaardiga 3,50 EUR / flaieriga 5 EUR / ilma 6,50 EUR

Liitu üritusega Facebookis:

Rock 2=3!
Algus: 22:00
Hind: 3,5 EUR / 5 EUR / 6 EUR

03-05-2015 Dirge (FR) / Odota

Pühapäev, 3.5.2015
klubi Woodstok/Rockstar´s

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Rock 2=3!
Algus: 20:00
Hind: Info tulekul
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Lootuse hukk – vene keelne Soome doom metal bänd Kypck vallutab Woodstock/Rockstar´si

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